About the Artist


Low Country artist, Carla Johannesmeyer, was born in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where she gained a deep appreciation of the arts at an early age. Combining her love of art with a natural gift in math, she chose to pursue Architecture at Virginia Tech. She enhanced her architectural education with studio studies in drawing, printmaking, photography, and film.

Although she went on to have a successful career as an architect, environmental design leader, and expert in process improvement, she continually mentally collected images and inspirations to paint. With this diverse background coupled with a love of the arts and a keen eye for composition, light and color, she has immersed herself in painting.

Today, she expresses sublime moments and dreams of a lifetime, telling visual stories and love of nature within the depth of each painting. A friend once commented,“ You can almost hear the melody in her paintings”.

Johannesmeyer’s oil paintings are reminiscent of postimpressionists but border on expressionism. There is a lyrical quality to her work. She prefers a large brush relative to the size of the canvas, and paints with visible confident brush strokes of layering lush color to evoke light, shadow, and reflections in her landscape, architectural, still life, and figurative subjects.

Her style is uniquely her own.

Her work is collected throughout the United States and Canada.