Working on a New Painting

Here is what is currently on my easel. I love to paint wildscapes and in particular Lowcountry wildscapes but also wild places that I travel to. For this painting, I was inspired by a recent trip to lush green Ireland and the way the trees swayed in the breeze among the mounded grasses of this bog in Glendalough, County of Wicklow, Ireland. I often record and then paint these glimpses into my travels. In particular, the diminishing repetition of the vertical shapes and round mounds on an overcast day caught my attention as we were walking thru this natural area. The colors I chose encompass the full breadth of Irish greens from a predominately yellow green to a blue green. Red is only the stage for my greens to play! ….. and there were no snakes.

Carla working on a new painting in her studio